About the Artist


A long time resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Bert creates unique, one-of-a-kind artwork of pets and people.  Painting has always been a way to relax, but as interest in her work grew, painting became more than a past-time.

Bert has always had a fascination and love for animals.  She is inspired by how much joy they bring to our lives with just a wag of their tail. When painting personal portraits, she finds a way to bring out what makes each person different, special and unique.

Bert exhibited at The City of Las Vegas’s, The Best Little Pet Show in Vegas and was featured in Alaskan Airline Magazine.

Transforming a blank canvas into a cherished memory is what Bert does best.  Her greatest joy is watching her client’s faces light up each time she delivers a completed piece.

Artist Statement

“To me art is about a happy and fun place in time.  When starting a new painting, I immerse myself in the moment and my subject. I study their eyes to see what they were thinking the moment the photograph was taken.  I want people to engage in my paintings and see what I see. Art should tell a story, and that story is to be told through the expression, pose and eyes.”



When painting Christy I wanted to show the love of her life, chasing tennis balls. This is pretty common with a Golden Retriever breed and most dog lovers will tell you the same.

This oil painting is larger than life and took me several weeks to complete, as it was important to reflect her happiness in such a simple task. The smile when she looks at you with those big brown eyes tells you, lets do it again. I wanted childlike simplicity on her face so the viewer could share this feeling.








Abby has quickly become a favorite of my oil pastel paintings. She immediately popped off the canvas to me, which let me know I was on the right track. With her wonderful and inviting eyes, she brings you right into her life.  My goal was to engage the viewer to also see how happy her favorite spot is, right at your feet.








 Surfing The Wave

The painting of the young girl was as a surprise gift for a friend. This is a snap shot of her granddaughter when they went to the beach. I wanted the viewer to see the happiness in the child’s smile while playing in water. It was a special moment in time for her life. The painting is 36″ x 42″ oil on canvas.







 The Viva Vegas Pets Series

This is a fun project that started on a whim when thinking of paintings I wanted to bring to the public.

The first in the series is “Viva Vegas George V”. He’s a spoiled rotten cat that tries to capture your favor by popping in front of the camera, when taking a picture in front of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. He has a great smile and eyes that tell you welcome and VIVA LAS VEGAS!

Second, in the series is going to be “Poker Pete”. A little different animal, but he is a native of Nevada. He’s a Desert Burrowing Owl who loves to gamble, and cards are his favorite vice. You’ll love his attitude as he gets ready for our Las Vegas, world famous, Poker challenges.

Third, will be “Marvin D.J”, a Desert Turtle who will capture your heart. He will give you the eye when you see him.

These three are and will be finished in Oil Pastel. It’s a great medium to bring out the fun side of this project and to capture a bit of “Old & New Vegas” with some fun animal friends.


The series will continue so be on the watch for the next, Viva Vegas Pet!

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